The CHAMP™ Files

Behind every hero, there is a belief.
Champ is no different.


He believes that strength and confidence should be in the hands of every engineer, on every project. He believes in powerful, flexible materials that drive faster installs and lower labor costs. He believes in the superior benefits of fiberglass conduit. These things haven’t changed – even though Champ™ has.

Name: Champ Real Name: Neal Jones
Height: 6 ft. 3 in. Weight: 200 lbs.
Origin: “Good enough” was never enough for Neal Jones. As an engineer, he had a powerful respect for tradition and an eye for innovation. An innate desire to do more. On the first day of his first Champion Fiberglass install, he felt an affinity for this unique material, a material developed to do more – to go beyond what others had thought possible.

The moment Neal picked up a sample of the material, it was clear that this was a very different experience. It was incredibly light – as he lifted it in his hand, he marveled that something so lightweight could be so much stronger than heavier, bulkier materials.

Holding the sample, Neal felt a strange, electric sensation. A flash of lightning threw the build site into stark black and white. The crash of thunder that followed barely registered. Suddenly, the world sped up around him, his coworkers’ movements seeming faster and faster as they moved materials out of the rain. His view was different, too. Grids, lines, and mathematical theorems overlaid his view, highlighting opportunities to utilize fiberglass conduit. He caught a glimpse of himself in a pane of glass – a shock.

Limbs of strong, yet lightweight Champion Fiberglass. On his back, a system of protective conduit – enemies should know better than to attack him from behind. He looked down at the sample that now encased his hand. The word CHAMP stared back at him. As the storm raged around him, his awareness of his new strengths grew. In a way, he had always known – his job was to defeat enemies like corrosion, burn through and high costs. Enemies that threatened projects like his every day.

With Champion Fiberglass on his side, it was hardly a fair fight. This was going to be fun.

Powers: As Champ explored his newfound powers, it quickly became apparent that with Champion Fiberglass he could do more – much more – than he ever thought possible.

He goes the distance.

Champion Fiberglass conduit has the only UL listing in its class with extended support spacing on a full complement of conduit sizes. You use fewer struts and hangers – and you save on costs.

He saves you, every time.

Champ wins out over high costs on every level. Fiberglass is more economical than other materials and its lightweight design makes for faster, more cost-efficient installations.

He can take the heat.

Champ’s armor helps him keep his cool and his shape – it can withstand much higher temperatures than other plastic conduits without sagging.

He can take the cold.

Fiberglass doesn’t get weaker and brittle in freezing temperatures like PVC and HDPE. In fact, it gets slightly stronger in cold temperatures.

He’s pulling for you.

Pulling cable, that is – with zero burn-through. Weigh that against PVC, where rope/ cable burn through is part of the package.

He can move – fast.

At a weight 15x lighter than PVC-coated steel (without sacrificing any of the toughness), Champ’s armor is light enough to breeze through installation challenges but strong enough to knock out high-cost enemies to project budgets.

He won’t break down when things get rough.

Tough environment? Oxidation on the horizon? Get a truly corrosion-resistant hero on your side.

He can take a hit.

Champ’s armor retains its shape after impact or compression, standing up to extreme conditions better than other options.

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