Heavy is about to
have his budget sliced.

Cut Heavy down to size before he consumes your budget

Heavy Stats

Turn Heavy Into Bacon

Mmmm, nothing like the smell of bacon sizzling to wake you up in the morning. And what could be better than waking up to a delicious breakfast and the knowledge that an enemy who’s been feasting on your bottom line is now out of the fire and into your frying pan?

Champion Fiberglass Conduit saves you money from the get go – it begins with a lower overall material cost. Add to that our newly UL Listed extended support distances, and you save even more by using fewer struts and supports. It’s incredibly lightweight and easy to install – so you spend less on manpower and installation costs.

And with Heavy in no position to take a bite out of your budget, your savings stay where they belong – with you.

These are the enemies of any project. Champion fiberglass sends them packing.

Fight Rusty Now
End Torchy Now
Waste Heavy Now
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