Corrosion, Prepare
to be conquered.

Crushing corrosion is easy when Champion Fiberglass is on your side. Lightweight, strong material with superior corrosion resistance? Rusty can’t stand up to that.

Rusty Stats

Stop Rusty before he starts.

Rusty can find his way into almost any environment, any project, any time. The trick is knocking him out before he sinks his teeth in. Champ™ fights corrosion with his best weapon – the widest range of corrosion protection available on the market today, also known as Champion Fiberglass.

When you want a product with the same support distance but 15x lighter than PVC-coated steel, that also offers a low initial material cost and features superior corrosion resistance, Champion Fiberglass is the only answer. Champion’s fiberglass conduit is engineered to resist corrosion, and features a lifetime that’s up to 3x longer than PVC-coated rigid steel when used in wastewater treatment, underground infrastructure, process manufacturing or oil and gas facilities. It resists exposure to hundreds of types of chemicals and a range of operating temperatures.

That adds up to a lot of industries, applications and environments where Rusty just can’t get his claws into your construction any more. We don’t think you’ll miss him.

These are the enemies of any project. Champion fiberglass sends them packing.

Fight Rusty Now
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