Torchy, You’re Toast.

Turning Torchy into a crispy critter is incredibly easy when you use Champion Fiberglass conduit. In many environments, our conduit features zero burn through. Sorry Torchy. Not this time. Not this project.

Torchy Stats

Torchy – You Can’t Touch This.

You know the drill. You’re pulling cable and there’s trouble – that’s just our old nemesis, Torchy, getting his foot in the door. When your cable is like a warm knife slicing through butter, nobody’s happy – except Torchy. He’s delirious.

When you’re fighting a villain who lives to destroy your projects, you need someone on your side who understands the power of a good elbow. That’s Champ™ – and Champion Fiberglass. With the manufactured strength afforded by single circuit winding and our conduit’s low coefficient of friction, no elbows will be thrown. And, they’re also less susceptible to damage from the various types of pull-through lubricants. Lighter weight, easier to install, AND it stands up to burn through? That’s a product you want on your side. Luckily, it already is.

These are the enemies of any project. Champion fiberglass sends them packing.

Fight Rusty Now
End Torchy Now
Waste Heavy Now
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